Who We Are

We're honored that you've decided to spend time with us, whether it's just a visit to this page, or if you've been attending services on Sundays , Wednesdays or Friday nights at  New Haven Ministries. We're thankful for you.
If you've never visited us before, please join us for breakfast before Sunday morning services and we'll answer any questions you have over a hot cup of coffee and freshly baked goodies!

Thank you for visiting, and we hope to see or hear from you soon!


Come  be a part of  our church family  at New Haven Ministries  where we will  build  healthy relationships, equip children and  youths to serve our community, and transform our lives through prayer.

What We Believe: Our Core Values

MISSION DRIVEN–We will fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples for the glory of God.
INTERCESSORY PRAYER-We will transform lives through prayer.
UNITY in PURPOSE- We will work together to fulfill the purpose of the church.
SERVANT LEADERSHIP-We will develop leaders with a heart to serve.
BUILDING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS-We will enjoy the journey by celebrating one another.
FOUNDATIONAL BIBLICAL TRUTHS- We will embrace the Word of God as our guide in all things.
CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE-We will honor God with a spirit of    excellence in everything we do.
BALANCING SPIRITUAL LIFE-We will cultivate a balanced lifestyle in and out of church.
NEXT GENERATION FOCUS- We will teach and develop children and young people for the future of our community.
CULTURE OF GENEROSITY- We will cheerfully give of us for the work of God.