Relationships in New Haven

Romans 12:9-10 KJV
“Be without dissimulation….Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;”

The word of God tells us that we should love one another without pretense.  Therefore, we continuously work on building genuine relationships and growing a unified body in Christ. The word of God is our foundation and we model the early church of Acts. Here at New Haven Ministries we fellowship with one another, break bread together, pray for and with each other, have fun together.  In addition, we foster a spirit of giving. We give of our time, resources and much more. Having a genuine relationship is important to us. It is one of our core values.

We help each other grow spiritually by studying the Word. We are friends, brothers and sisters. We are not perfect people but we strive for excellence in God's eyes. We support each other’s needs, whether it is a prayer, a meal, a hug or just an ear to listen. We rejoice when one rejoices and celebrate each other. We cry and grieve when the other does. We motivate each other to succeed. Genuine love abides at New Haven Ministries.
We extend to anyone who is looking for good friends, a genuine relationship, spiritual growth, a family, our open arms.  Walk right in through our doors, or leave us a message. Everyone is welcome regardless of your background, your ethnicity or your status. We do not discriminate.