Go Deeper in Your Walk With God!

Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ requires more than prayer and Scripture study; it calls for total abandonment to Him.

God’s number one desire is not to our comfort, but our transformation. This process often takes place in the deeper waters, where we step out and take greater risks in our faith walk. God’s plan is not to take away the resistance, challenges and storms that come our way in the deeper waters. His ways involves teaching us how to battle in the storms so that we become stronger and better equipped to walk with power in life.

Psalm 42:7 tells us that “Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls.” This Scripture speaks of the deep part of God interacting with the deep part of who were are. There is a cry in everyone to go deeper with God and experience everything He has for us, but few set sail off the safety of the shore and into the deep.

If you would like to join us in this spiritual journey of going deeper, then please contact us.