Welcome Team, Ushers, Greeters, Hospitality Team

Our team is looking for a few friendly people to:
-Serve on Sundays, or at special events, f
-Focus on VIP guests, organize visitors receptions and luncheons,
-Identify ,connect, and give gifts to first time visitors and
-Possibly hosting events. 

Are you a person who is friendly and likes to meet new people?  Do you enjoy helping people?  Joining the usher team might be for you!  Our ushers are on the front lines of greeting people upon entering the celebration center and seating people inside.  Ushers typically serve one service per month (2 hours) and occasionally for special services such as Easter and Christmas.
Ushers and Greeters also help people with limited mobility give directions, escort new people to a seat, hand out forms/information cards, collect offering, assist in our communion ceremony, be on call to possibly substitute for an absent connector and help set up /break down main sanctuary.

Opportunity available: Ongoing
Location: New Haven Ministries
Age Restriction: None
Individuals needed:  5
Experience required: smiler, possibly a hugger as well
Please contact:  Isadora Guzman/Lizette La Croix Bowen, Shameal Mohammed, Andy Lowtan
Phone: 718-850-1300