Join the New Haven Geek Squad! (Tech, Audio, Video, Photo)

Volunteers are needed to serve one Sunday/month on the Tech Team. We need someone to take photos or record videos at certain events throughout the year and, depending on experience, edit the photos, and create promotional videos or countdowns. We would provide the equipment. Interested volunteers should be 16 years or older. This would be great experience for anyone interested in photography or videography and would also like to be a part of a diverse and thriving church environment.

Most of our current volunteers on the Tech Team had little or no experience when they first joined.  They just had a heart to serve and were willing to be trained in an area they were unfamiliar with. We desire to help you succeed, so training will be provided at a pace you are comfortable with, should you decide to join.  We are a TEAM and we love to work together!

Specific jobs: Camera Operators, Recording Technicians, Character Generators, Light Technicians, Sound Technicians, GraphX Directors, IMAG Directors, Video Editors

Opportunity available: ongoing
Location: New Haven Ministries
Age Restriction: middle school, high school & adults
Individuals needed: 4
Experience required: some basic computer skills
Please contact:  Pastor Matthew, Nyron Gajadhar
Telephone: 718-850-1300